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We all have J.K. Rowling to thank for the wonderful wizarding world, muggles, and all things Harry Potter. The world she imagined has not only made her millions but more importantly, has inspired millions of people.

harry potter fans

Source: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images Europe

The fact that she actually responds to many fans on Twitter, well, that’s just an entirely new level of coolness to add to her repertoire. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

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1. She explains why Harry named his son after Snape.

2. She says that Hermoine isn’t necessarily white.

3. She confirms that there are Jewish wizards at Hogwarts.

4. She gives us all 140 characters of deeper insight into Snape.

5. She confirms that the sorting hat is still sorting.

6. She reveals her second favorite character in the series.

jk rowling tweet

7. More on Snape…

8. Part 2 of “more on Snape.”

9. And she’s sorry Snape had to die.

10. She’s also sorry about Lupin’s death.

11. And says she didn’t plan it until “The Order of the Phoenix.”

12. She legitimately shed tears over Teddy.

13. She shares her favorite fan theory.

jk rowling tweet

14. She completely debunks other theories.


jk rowling tweet

15. She tells us why Hagrid doesn’t have a Patronus.

jk rowling tweet

16. She reveals the inspiration behind and what Ron’s Patronus is.

17. She apologizes for missing important events.

18. She reminds us that we are all on the magical journey together.

19. There’s no tuition at Hogwarts β€” Woohoo!

20. She manages to show how hard is was to kill off certain characters.

21. We’ve been saying Voldemort wrong all these years.

jk rowling tweet

22. She reminds us all how much Harry changed her life.

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