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Kerala, God’s own country. A tropical paradise with a bounty of coconuts, fresh fish, gorgeous beaches and friendly locals. There are simply too many amazing things to do and see to put them all on one list, but here’s twenty one you definatly shouldn’t miss.

1. Enjoy a Ayurvedic massage

Actually relaxing, unlike a bite-down-on-a-wooden-stick Thai massage.

2. Climb a coconut tree

Coconut tree climbing in Kerala

Flickr: jynxzero

Or at least watch someone climb a coconut tree.

3. Wandering past the Chinese fishing nets in Allepey at sunset

Chinese nets Alleppy
It makes for a particular good photo opportunity.

4. Stay with a family

Stay with a family in India

Flickr: peterwurst44

You’ll have better food, better service and a more authentic experience than any hotel.

5. Spend a few days on a houseboat

Just something you’ve gotta do.

6. Watch a Kalaripayattu martial art fight

And try not to piss them off.

7. Drink a coconut

Coconut vendor in Kerala

Flickr: Craige Moore

Scrap that. Drink a lot of coconuts.

8. Watch a Malayalam movie

It may not be Bollywood, but it’s just as good.

9. Visit the hill stations in Munnar

And drink plenty of tea.

10. Drink a toddy

Toddy drink in Kerala

Flickr: Anupam Saha

And forget doing anything afterwards.

11. Take a train ride

It’s one of the most beautiful areas in India to do so.

12. Go on safari in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

There are elephants. Lots of them.

13. Try payasam

Sweet, milky and delicious.

14. Go bullock racing

Did you see the episode with Gordon Ramsay?

15. Fish with the locals

Fishing in Kerala

And catch your supper.

16. Visit the festival of Thrissur Pooram

And try not to get stampeded by elephants.

17. Eat onam sadya

Onam sadya vegetarian food

Flickr: Onam sadya

Some of the best vegetarian food you will eat. Ever.

18. Go to a Kathakali dance

A little culture and dance during your stay.

19. Lie back on Kovalam Beach

Spend the day on Kovalam Beach

Flickr: Matt Palsh

One of the best beaches in the whole country.

20. Watch a Theyyam performance

Theyyam performance

Flickr: Dhruvaraj S

A performance that dates back thousands of years is doing something right.

21. Watch a snake boat race

Snake boat race in Kerala.

Flickr: Jerry John

Or try and join in.

What experiences did you enjoy in Kerala? Let us know below.

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