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NBC’s The Voice has become a popular TV show in more than just the United States, and views on a YouTube video prove it. When Fernando Daniel got up on stage in Portugal for the show’s fourth season, he captivated the audience and judges from the second they heard the first note.

Maria Liz and Mickael Carreria, the first two judges to respond, almost broke their buzzers with the amount of force and speed with which they hit them. Moments later, a third judge, Aurea, hit her buzzer.

The fourth judge, Anselmo Ralph, however, held off, waiting until the singer was almost done before hitting his buzzer. If nothing else, it undoubtedly added to the suspense and put pressure on 20-year-old to finish what he started.

Daniel maintained his composure throughout the song and probably made Adele proud, assuming she’s one of the 22 million who’ve watched it so far.

Equally amazing is Daniel’s ability to sing the song without any indication that English is not his native tongue. It’s mind blowing, really.

Afer completing his performance, Daniel even managed to land an “Abraço” (hug) from Judge Liz.

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Prepare to be amazed.

Daniel went on…