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I thought eating out in London was expensive. And it is. But nothing compares to this private dining experience at the Ce’ La Vi restaurant on the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

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In conjunction with World of Diamonds, the restaurant is offering an 18-course dinner at a whopping USD $2 million. Although the names of those booked have not been released, the list of potential diners around the world is, well, slim. To give you some comparison, it will be cheaper to fly to space with Virgin Galactic than chow down on the lavish feast.

So what’s included? After being picked up by chauffeured Rolls-Royce and taken on a helicopter flight over the city, the 8-hour experience begins. The Asian banquet includes Almas Caviar and Belon oysters which can be eaten with diamond encrusted chopsticks and washed down with champagne and vintage 55-year-old wine. The diners will be given 10,000 fresh roses, although what they will do with them is unclear.

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After the extravagant meal has finished, a one-off 2.08-carat blue diamond ring called the Jane Seymour will be presented to the guests. Once your experience is done, you can head to the roof to swim in the hotel’s famous infinity pool.

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool, Singapore

Photo: worldtoptop.com

via Ce’ La Vi / World of Diamonds

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