17 things airline employees wish they could say to your face

“We can’t control the weather”

“I kid you not: I had someone tell me that we had the technology to control fog. We don’t.”

winter weather
AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

“Don’t keep bugging the gate agents with questions they have already answered in their announcements”

“They are working with a time crunch, and all those extra questions are keeping them from doing their work.”

“It is a federal crime to assault (and that includes credible verbal threats) an airport worker”

“If you threaten us, you can be arrested. We will call the police, and you will not fly. The punishment for assaulting us is a fine of up to $250,000 and up to 10 years in prison.”

“We as airline agents and we as travelers all need to be more considerate of each other”

“We are trying to do our jobs as best as we can. We realize traveling isn’t fun and easy as it used to be. But we all need to try to make it easier for each other.”

Responses were edited by Business Insider for clarity.

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