17 things airline employees wish they could say to your face

“We can’t change the rules”

“Most of the rules were made for safety reasons. Travelers think the rules are a nuisance or trivial, but they are rules for a reason. It’s to keep the passengers safe.”

“You need my help?”

“Treat me right, and you will get the best I can give you.”

“You get more with honey than with vinegar.”

“If you are rude and yelling at me, do you really think I want to help you?”

angry passenger at airport

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“You don’t need to pack everything and the kitchen sink”

“Inexperienced international travelers don’t realize the size of taxis and public transportation in the cities they are visiting. That extra-large suitcase is not going to fit in a trunk of a cab. And you might often have to walk a distance to your hotel, which means dragging all your luggage with you. You really can get by with less when you travel.”

“Stop blaming us for flight cancellations”

“No, we don’t have spare airplanes to use if there is a cancellation.”

“We’re doing a lot”

“We are responsible for ticketing, handling baggage, boarding, deplaning, dispatching flights efficiently and safely. We handle complaints, cancellations, lost luggage, weather delays, and travelers’ problems — all while trying to make our passengers’ process easy, efficient, and less stressful for all.”

annoyed flight attendant

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