A terrifying new attraction has just opened in Los Angeles. The Skyslide is a glass-bottom slide hanging from the 70th floor of the US Bank Tower, the highest building in California.

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Part of the Skyspace platform, a rooftop offering incredible 360-degree views across the city, the 1-inch-thick glass slide takes visitors on an exhilarating ride down to the 69th floor.

It may look precarious, but the slide is designed to withstand earthquakes and hurricane-force winds, however we can’t imagine who may be interested in using the attraction during these catastrophic events.

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Some lucky journalists got a sneak preview a few days ago, with one commenting on the thrilling experience as you press up against the glass during the 90-degree turn.

To find out more or book tickets priced at US $25, visit the Skyspace website.

via Hypebeast / Skyspace LA