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10 Totally bizarre words that are perfectly normal in Sweden

Swedish women

Swedish is a wonderful sounding language full of woody vowels and endearing words for things. If you are coming to Sweden to live or even just on holiday here are some of the words you will commonly encounter which might be a tad confusing on first inspection. There’s a few more thrown in for their unique Swedishness.


Ok this one will probably be explained to you as soon as you strike up conversation with a Swede about Swedish. Untranslatable into English, it means not too much, not too little.. just right. It is perhaps ironic we have no word for this in English when thinking of many Brits impeccable behaviour when drinking.

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  1. Such a funny post, it made my day! 🙂 I always have to smile when I see a “slut” sign on the streets in Sweden. “Fika” is another important word for the Swedes, but if you don’t know how it’s pronounced it sounds a bit like “ficken”, which in German is one of those words you just don’t put into the same context as coffee…

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