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Egypt is a land of contrasts. Donkey carts compete with Mercedes-Benz’s on tight streets, prayer calls are followed by evenings of epic parties. What better way to explore the top things to do in Egypt than from someone who has experienced it all first-hand? After looking at this list, we are sure you will agree that Egypt has something for everyone.

Chill in Dahab

Dahab is a super-chilled, hippy-like location with excellent diving and easy-going locals. This is the quintessential place to relax in Egypt. From Dahab, you can enjoy world-class diving, climb Mt. Sinai and explore colourful rock formations in the desert.

Visit the Dahshur Pyramids

If the visit to the Pyramids of Giza leaves you somewhat disenchanted, let the Dashur Pyramids restore your faith in untouched history. It takes about 45 minutes to reach from Cairo. In contrast to the Giza Pyramids, you will find a handful of tourists and not a single person trying to sell you goods. A prime place for desert photos and wandering around abandoned tombs.

Search for treasure in Siwa

Siwa is the epitome of a Middle-East desert. It has been able to maintain its sense of self, with the entire world changing rapidly around it. One of the reasons for this is its remoteness from everything else in Egypt. It takes travelers 8-10 hours to get to from Cairo, but is well worth the trip. If you are planning on going out this way, make sure to book at least three nights, two of which should be in the desert. While you’re there, you will experience hot springs, lakes both natural and salty, sand boarding and tasty meat cooked in hot sand by local Bedouins.

Explore Khan El-Khalili markets

No trip to Egypt is complete without a trip to the local Market of Khan El-Khalili. The phrase la shukran (no thank you) will come in handy here.

Party all night in Sharm El-Sheikh

Need a break from touring? Take some time to shake your thing in the best clubs in Egypt.

Traditional belly dancing in downtown Cairo

Head to Sherazade in downtown Cairo to experience classic belly dancing, accompanied by traditional Egyptian music. The show normally doesn’t start until after 11h30 and be prepared to pay bakshish when leaving.

Catch a felucca down the Nile

Escape the noise of the city by hopping on a felucca (a traditional Egyptian sailboat). Once in the middle of the Nile you will find that all of the sounds of the city are drowned out by the waves that separate you from it.

Visit the Luxor and Aswan

Take some time out to cruise the Nile in Northern Egypt (which is actually South of Cairo). Here you will find a land of ruins and beauty with excellent guides, opportunities to fish and eclectic places to eat. If you’re in Luxor, make sure you visit Genesis restaurant, a resturant home to over eight animals (including an ostrich) that wander past you while you eat.

Kite surf in Ras Sudr

Egypt is one of the best places to catch some waves with experienced kite surfers. Never tried? No worries! You can book lessons at Soul Kite Surfing in Ras Sudr.

Watch football at an Egyptian coffee house

There are very few times that the city becomes silent during the day. One of these instances is when the Egyptian football league is on. If you are lucky enough to be in town during a match, head to the nearest coffee house to cheer on the local team while enjoying a shisha and mint tea.

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